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If Twitter rants from female rappers unhappy with their label situations is to become a thing of normalcy, all leading ladies behind the microphone can kiss their hopes of equal representation within the male-driven industry au revoir.

While the entire world was watching the GRAMMY pre-game celebrations, Azealia Banks tried to pull an Angel Haze and shade her label, Universal in hopes of seeing a spark in her career.

“My fans really need some new music. I’ve been gratefully riding off of mixtape fumes for the past two years,” she pleaded to whomever would give her a 140-character ounce of sympathy. “Universal needs to just hand me over to another label who knows what to do with me,” she continued.

As fate would have it, Banks and Haze share about a degree of separation apart. As Black, feisty and independent Hip-Hop hustlers, the two became fast friends but after one accused the other of begging (or not agreeing) to munch on the other’s snackbox, the friendship quickly dissolved into a sea of struggle and cattiness.

This isn’t the first time the “212” songstress has blamed the powers that be for stalling progress on her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste. She blasted Pharrell on the same platform for sabatoging the success of their “ATM Jam” single.

Whether you deeply care for the career or Azealia or think her 15 seconds has long sounded, the following gallery with her desperate tweets definitely makes for mind-numbing entertainment. Proceed on ladies and gents.

Photo: Twitter, Paper Magazine

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