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Today, Noisey rolled out episode two of their six-part Chiraq documentary series. This time around, we see the infamous Chief Keef and his GBE (Glory Boyz Entertainment) clique, as well as some other bubbling Chicago crews.

The “Don’t Like” rapper has never been one of many words, but here he can be seen interviewing during a trip to New York City. During the questioning, Keef described his hometown as, “a gangster city,” and placed a particular emphasis on his Southside neighborhood, Englewood. That, of course, can be heard in his music, which is a vivid depiction of how art imitates life where he’s from.

But here, we see some contrasting views from outside of the rapper’s cult-like following. “It ain’t really [about] what we think. I think that they made history. You might not have a million dollars. You might not have a big label behind you,” a man said about Keef and what GBE did with very little help.

Another man represented the opposite end of the spectrum saying, “Just ’cause I got dreads, I’m nothing like Chief Keef.”

To see more on Chief Keef, GBE, and the rest of Chicago, check of episode two of Chiraq below.