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Even though the Superbowl was a complete wash, there were still some highlights that kept the game somewhat enjoyable. One of them was when “Broadway” Joe Namath styled on us all when he arrived in his now infamous fur coat.

Constructed from a blend of coyote and fox fur, the coat has taken a life of its own with a twitter account devoted to it. With additional nods of approval from Diddy and other noted tastemakers it seems famed Jets quarterback has brought furs back in the game.

Even though Hip-Hop has always shown an affinity to furs, some of your favorite rappers have missed the mark when donning these extravagant garments.

So we look back at the top 12 most outrageous furs worn by rappers. Let us know who is the worst style offender in the comments section below.

Photo: Cam’Ron

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