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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for intimate expressions of affection and what better way to convey deep feelings than the Hip-Hop lyrics of foul-mouthed rappers?

At least, that’s the sentiment Instagrandmaw, a user on the popular e-commerce site Etsy is trying to peddle off to buyers.

The NYC illustrator, who, according to her profile, is currently a student at Pratt Institute, has created a batch of awesomely flavored V-Day cards bearing the likeness of Drake, Lil B and Dipset members Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

Drake, whose stance on love is lost on no one, gets the dual makeover with his a cheerful Drizzy promotes “Started From the Bottom,” and the solemn counterpart holds a rose as if to murmur lines from “Marvin’s Room.”

On the contrary, there is nothing cordial about any song towards the fairer sex that has ever come from the Dipset camp and their cards exemplify that to the fullest in hilarious fashion.

Cam’ron is drawn sporting his infamous pink fur and his classic “Suck It Or Not” and “What Means The World To You?” lyrics are highlighted as well.

February 14 is approaching fast and poor Instagrandmaw may be swamped with requests so you’d better act fast if you plan on adding these in your collection.

Regardless if you’re copping or shopping, view the gallery to see all the hilarious rapper Valentine’s Day cards.

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Photo: Etsy

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