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Nicki Minaj has a new single out in the atmosphere. There’s debate over whether it’s good or bad, but the music video exposes the shadow of her n**ples, so both sides should at least be partially satisfied.

It’s also Black History Month and Minaj used an iconic Malcolm X  photo as her cover art.

Like the revered freedom fighter, Minaj also subscribes to the “By Any Means Necessary” thought process. On “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a,” the 31-year-old feverishly protects her rap crown spitting a furious flow of angry bars (perhaps as a rebuttal to that the pop criticism she received from her last album?).

The lyrical grit plays background to Minaj’s barely-caged lady parts. The boobs, butt, legs, thighs…and ponytail, service as  a visual additive to the clever wordplay over the Detail-produced beat. Lines like, “I ain’t got a check for ya’ll but if I’ma check for ya’ll, I’ma need a check from ya’ll n***az” remind us why we can’t help but respect Minaj’s skill set. 

So, what more could  rap want from her?

That question is still up for debate. Rap fans are fickle these days and constantly bombarded with new content, and this track could follow a short line of Minaj tracks that grabbed our ears but didn’t hold our attention.

On the contrary, Minaj is currently trending on Twitter, therefore “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a” is already helping the buzz for her  next studio album,  The Pink Print.

Hit the gallery for 15 reactions to the “Lookin’ Ass N***a.”

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