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A drunken night of belligerent behavior from Domonic Whilby, nephew of model Tyson Beckford, has resulted in one MTA bus driver dead and three people injured after police say a stolen truck driven by Whilby crashed in NYC’s Greenwich Village area at 5:30, Wednesday morning.

William Pena, 49, a 17-year-veteran of the transit was pronounced dead at the scene after he was flung from the bus.

Whilby’s Instagram headline describes himself as a “Free spirited wild child.Im a smoker, religious stoner If you must,” there was nothing but alcohol abuse in this ordeal. Apparently Whilby was VIP in NYC and couldn’t contain his excitement (or his liquor).

Reports NYDailyNews:

Instragam photos taken in the hours before the death of 17-year transit worker William Pena caught Domonic Whilby partying with his famous uncle and supermodel Shanina Shaik.

By 5:30 a.m., cops had the 22-year-old Georgia man in custody as Pena’s family, friends and co-workers were left to struggle with his sudden and pointless death.

The truck was apparently stolen from the garage beneath the Maritime Hotel, near the site of a birthday party for model Shaik and about two blocks from the horrific crash.

Witness accounts said Whilby was seen on a rampage as he was banging and kicking doors at the W. 16th St. shortly after he was booted from club 1 Oak and the Dream Downtown Hotel because he was passing out on the floor.

Condolences go out to the families affected from the tragedy.

Hit the gallery to see pics of the crash. Viewer discretion is advised after the first two pages.

Photo: Vic Nicastro, Theodore Parisienne/NYDaily News, Barry Paddock/Crash, Instagram/jastokes, doms_the_sh!t

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