The Internet is proving to be the big winner of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which has only emboldened the Twittersphere to chronicle the continuous failures that are trending around the globe.

“The first star of the Olympics was #sochiproblems,” sports social media strategist Craig Howe told USA Today. Complaints about disgustingly dark and murky water, questionable toilets and more were chronicled with the hashtag and gave birth to @SochiProblems.

Clocking in at 340,000 followers, which is nearly 120,000 more than the official @Sochi2014 account, the Internet won a gold medal for hilarious Sochi coverage. The web’s pop culture pros have been churning out an impressive level of Photoshopped work full of snark, skill and biting social commentary.

We’re only halfway through the 2014 Winter Olympics, but we’ve already found some great Sochi shade for you to check out in the slideshow below.

Photos: WENN, Twitter

We start off with Miley Cyrus wrecking things as usual…


Photo: Twitter

Miley Cyrus wrecking the Winter Olympics already for millions around the world.

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