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Those who covet that “Martin and Gina kind of love” will soon be saying the same about rapper Cam’ron and his girlfriend JuJu. As Harlem’s favorite new line of capes gain traction, he and his significant other receive some additional press in the latest issue of Magazine.

The piece was centered around Valentine’s Day and the couple’s interesting relationship. When Killa Cam was asked how he met JuJu, he replied “We met by chance.”

He continued, “There were stars out and the light of the moon was glistening… Nah, I met her at the airport. I was coming from a show and she worked at the airport. I stepped to her and I was like ‘Yo, give me your number.’ I was walking one way and she placed herself in the lane.”

As you can see, having a sense of humor plays a large part in Cam’ron and JuJu’s relationship. See footage from their Magazine interview below. Flicks from the photo shoot are on the following pages.

Photo: Alexia Elkaim/V Magazine

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