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Cam’ron in Las Vegas is just asking for all sorts of debauchery, but this is next level. Killa kicked some dude in the balls for $20. Not a bad deal, all things considered. 

Cam was somewhere in Sin City when he spotted a guy with a sign that he couldn’t resist. As per the “More Reasons” rapper’s Instagram: “Only in Vegas.. Smh/lol ni**a got a sign dat says.. “Kick me in da nuts (no homo) for $20..  u know I had too.. Punted dat ni**a.. No homo #UwasntThere”

As the clip shows, the man’s sign does indeed read, “Kick me in the nuts. $20.” So, yeah.

Unfortunately, Cam was not wearing one of his capes when he rochambeaud what looked like a down on his luck homeless dude. To said homeless dude, there are better and less painful hustles out there, sir.

Peep the footage below. See what we did there?

Photo: Instagram