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Even the “Greatest Rapper Alive” needs help from time to time, and apparently, one of those times is at hand. Dwayne Carter, known to the world as Lil’ Wayne, has enlisted the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in his quest to remain a free man after being charged with possessing an illegal weapon. The Ca$h Money/Young Money Hot Boy is trying to sidestep the charge that would see him sent to prison for three and a half years under the new New York gun laws. Hoping to aid the rap megastar in his quest is Bruce Budowle, a former geneticist for the FBI and after his rousing testimony for the prosecutor in the Laci Peterson murder trial, a star in his own right. Budlowes key strategy will see him argue that Manhattan prosecutors used a less than reliable testing method, feverishly trying to match Lil’ Wayne’s DNA to the sample taken from the firearm.

Wayne’s defensive team recently scored a minor victory for the rapper. Seeking to gain the legal upper hand in the case, Weezy’s attorneys successfully moved to have the arresting officer’s accusations thrown out, striking the statement from court records. The female officer said Wayne’s tour bus reeked of marijuana, thus, causing her to search the vehicle and uncover a .40 caliber handgun in July 2007. His legal team also pointed out that the firearm in question is the property of Wayne’s manager and friend, Cortez Bryant, and is a legally registered gun. An unnamed suspect was also arrested that night on drug charges. Police sources claim that the man was trying to stuff a bag of marijuana down his pants.

On the same night, and after performing at a concert together, Jeffrey “Ja Rule” Atkins was arrested, charged with criminal possession of a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol. The police initially pulled the former face of Murder Inc. over after he was found in a luxury sedan that lacked proper registration. Lil’ Wayne is also set to appear in an Arizona court to answer for drug charges. Arizona authorities arrested Wayne in January of 2008 for possession of 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and 105 grams of marijuana.