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This morning in Austin, Texas, authorities say that a small plane has crashed into a seven-story office building located next to a FBI building.

Although initial reports indicated that this was probably an accident, authorities are investigating after hearing that the pilot of the plane set his house on fire prior to the crash.

Police say the man then went to Georgetown airport and stole a plane to deliberately crash into the building. Officials have told the Associated Press that one person is unaccounted for and two people were taken to the hospital.

The Department of Homeland Security has stated that there was no reason to believe that the crash was related to criminal or terrorist activity. The FBI building in which the plane was on course to crash into has offices with FBI agents as well as IRS agents. The name of the pilot has yet to be released as more information from investigations pours in.

Obviously people will go a long way to get out of paying taxes, Wesley Snipes where you at?