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Clearly Wu Tang member Inspectah Deck did not get the memo that beef was beginning to settle with the tension between Joe Budden and the group from Staten Island. He has released a diss track titled, “House Ni**a” and tried to completely discredit the Jersey rapper and almost make him come off as an irrelevant.

Outside of Budden’s character, he makes reference to his current girlfriend Tahiry stating that people only check for him just so they can check for his girl and her assets. Another stone was thrown in the form of the aftermath of Budden’s relationship with Gloria Velez saying that he was obsessed to the point where he was stalking the woman.

In an interview with, Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9 and laid waste to rumors of a potential beef between the two groups. He spoke on the Rock the Bells Tour and how problems were starting to dissolve and cleared up between Joe Budden and the clan. Artists Raekwon and Busta Rhymes, who have been the most verbal on the brewing beef, are on the tour and they have been able to come to a resolution. Royce even mentioned that Busta Rhymes would be featured on his upcoming Street Hop.

Royce told HipHopWired, “Nah, there’s definitely not going to be a lyrical battle between Slaughterhouse and Wu Tang. Like I’ve been saying, we have a tremendous amount of respect for those guys. They’re legends in the game. Joey spoke on how he felt about the Vibe thing. He felt as though it was classless for him to mention Method Man like that. He just recently spoke to Raekwon a couple of days ago in Chicago.”

Although Budden has stated that he has respect for the Wu Tang Clan and that his choice of words may have come off as being classless, he has also issued a warning to any rapper to throw lyrical bars at him to see what he will do to them.

Now that Inspectah Deck has stepped to the plate fans will see if Joe Budden is a man of his word. Although the Jersey rapper hasn’t guaranteed a response, he has said that he might just have to tear him apart for fun. A jab was sent when he made reference to the fact that Deck is considered a legend for a great verse back then, but now it’s 2009. For all that are unaware, he’s talking about “C.R.E.A.M” and “Triumph”.

Following the steps of Royce and in trying to maintain July as being the month of Slaughterhouse, Budden will reportedly be releasing his own EP titled Escape Route July 28 which should serve as a precursor to his third album, The Great Escape which is rumored to hit stores before the year end.