Some guy claiming NYC got thoroughly washed in a fight with an Arizona trucker looking guy. But the slander it has inspired on social media may trump the pain caused by the multiple haymakers  said NYC guy caught to his dome.

The 1:36 long clip starts with homie claiming New York popping off at two dudes at a gas station. “I’m by myself ni**a, I’m dolo ni**a,” says the hype NYC dude, who also crudely invites his foes to his penis.

This is where we point out that the two burly dudes, who could pass for kin of Action Bronson, are white guys. One of the faux-Bronsons does hurl the N-word at the Black or Latino looking NYC dude, which is foul, but we don’t have any indication as to what started the confrontation.

What we do see is NYC dude get into fisticuffs with one of the white guys and proceed to get manhandled. Being outweighed by at least 50 pounds, the white guy straddles NYC dude (who is on his stomach) on the ground and proceeds to land finishing blow after finishing blow on his noggin.

After the fade delivery, the slumped victim does a painfully awkward move that we can only describe as him trying to stand up, by using just his upper body.

After the video made the rounds on social media, the slander started going nuclear. Yes, the victim was quickly found on the Internets. Check out the clip below, and the hilarious memes on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram, Twitter

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