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Paul George should have known better. Allegedly, the high-flying NBA star was catfished by a gay man who posed as a woman and swindled George into sending numerous selfies that allegedly include a d*ck pic.

Reports Black Sports Online:

Paul George needs to stay off Skype, Facetime, Yacht Parties, Instagram or anything or any place that has big booty women or in this case a man pretending to be a big booty woman.

Classic catfish scheme, the gay man who calls himself Paul allegedly sends out thirst trap pics to guys (athletes and celebrities). He pretends to be a thick white girl and the men are dumb enough to send back half naked and in some cases full naked selfies.

The Tumblr page in question has numerous photos that are clearly Paul George hamming it up in front of a mirror.

Check out the NSFW pics in the gallery. There no way of confirming if the d*ck pic is of George unless you have been intimate with him, but that’s your business.

Stick to real-life groupies, Paul.


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