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Lil’ Kim recently expressed that her current pregnancy and impending motherhood has shifted her artistic views. The Brooklyn rapper is evolving and reinventing her music.

Reports Billboard:

“The baby dictates what days I go to the studio. I did work in the earlier stages of [my pregnancy]. My belly is pretty out there right now, but, I’m still working.”

“Some of my fans want me to make one type of music. I love them, and will always give them what they want but I’m just not going to go back to what’s not going to work right now. Even the way I used to dress, the Lil’ Kim now can’t do that. It’s about reinventing and evolving.”

“One of the best lines from Jay Z, that made me feel him even more is: ‘… Want my old sh*t, buy my old albums.’ I’m smart enough to know to not fuck with a classic.”

“My new music is not going to be ‘Hard Core.’ It’s going to be sexy, of course. But you can’t do the same beautiful thing twice, the same exact way. Lightning [can] strike twice but it’s not going to be the same design or come at the same place. I just want to be creative.”

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Look out for more from the Queen Bee.

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