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Michael Bay and the team behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been guarding the film’s details like the Holy Grail –until now.

The  movie trailer hit the ‘Net today (March 27) via CBM Trailers.

As expected, the Turtle Team looks a little different than what you may remember from the older films. The facial features are still pretty much the same, but the millennial Ninja Turtles rock bamboo (chest plates, and sandals), look a little weird without their masks, and stand about a foot above Megan Fox, aka April O’Neal.

Visually, TMNT seems a lot like the Transformers film franchise Bay helms. The graphics are pretty standard and the base storyline is the usual “good vs. evil” battle for supremacy in New York City.

You can’t tell what the entire film will be like just by a trailer, so hopefully the full-length flick will appease fans.

TMNT debuts Aug. 8.

Check out the trailer below.

Photo: YouTube




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