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2 Chainz and Cap-1’s backstage antics may be cost a lot more than the self-respect of an alleged groupie.

Following a recent show during his T.R.U. Tour, 2 Chainz ridiculed a young lady–who goes by the name of Tina–attempts of getting back stage to see Cap 1, although she didn’t even recognize him by face.

“You ain’t gonna catch nothing out here but a cold, baby. Put something on your back, baby,” 2 Chainz yelled, entertaining his entourage. “Baby, we ain’t stuntin’ no p***y ’round here baby; we getting money!” He also playfully jibed Cap with the question, “Is that your THOT,” which is an acronym for “that hoe over there.”

After gaining access to the dressing rooms, an awkward silence permeated the air. Tina was obviously using Cap’s name to as a backstage pass and Cap wasn’t interested in her being his groupie love for the night. Meanwhile, 2 Chainz played comically instigated the entire situation, and told Tina she was dangerously in “blog territory,” which she confused it for being in a positive spotlight.

After heeding the bouncer’s advice to pick up her face and hit the door, the video hit the Internet revealing her as the butt of the round of jokes. Embarrassed, she subsequently deleted her Instagram account but reemerged with a new one, with serious threats to sue.

“What you did to me was not right you lanky lizard @hairweavekiller wait until my lawyers takes care of this how’s that for a thot I mean thought!,” she exclaimed under a picture of 2 Chainz in one post. Another features photoshopped images of the rapper, Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks and Whoopi Goldberg.

A keen observation will notice all pictures on the Instagram handle of @luvtinaa are all taken with rappers, including YG, Ice Cube and Drake’s…father. If her point of the “new” social media start was to disassociate herself with being a groupie or “thot,” consider it a fail thus far. There is also evidence of an alleged Vibe magazine photo shoot so the clock just may have started on those 15 minutes of fame.

Check out the hilarious backstage encounter in the video below and proceed on through the gallery to see pics of the events that have unfolded since then. She allegedly turned down a settlement offer for $50 thousand from 2 Chainz legal team. Things will definitely be interesting in the near future.

Photo: YouTube, Instagram/LuvTinaa

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