HHW: You’ve gained big connects in 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and other MCs. Is the album mostly feature heavy or done in house?

IamSu!: I kept it majority in house. Pretty much everybody that’s on there, we’re actual friends, so we just built off of that. And we always make songs. It made sense for those people to be on the album. I didn’t go and pay for a feature or do this and that. It was just people that I’m genuinely fans of and friends with.

HHW: Does the same go for the production?

IamSu!: Absolutely.

HHW: You said the LP was a story. Is it like a classic rap story?

IamSu!: I’m not going to say that I did the classic “I came up, now look” rap story. It’s a lot of stuff I’m talking about my parents — my relationship with my parents. The whole situation of me being the kind of person that I am, and not being super in the streets or super nerdy; just being a middle ground type of person, trying to find that balance, and trying to really discover who you are in the midst of everybody trying to push your around.

HHW: So self-actualizing is a central theme on he project?

IamSu!: Yeah, exactly. It’s like the pursuit of happiness and self-realization, and just really trying to take yourself to that level and that plateau.

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