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Stand-up comedienne Liza Dye is one lucky soul.

After falling onto the New York subway tracks, getting struck by a train and having every limb remain intact, she shared details of the harrowing tale from her hospital bed. Of course, with Dye being a comic and all, there was plenty of humor to go along with the pain.

Dye, 25, spoke with New York Magazine‘s sister blog Bedford + Bowery from the Bellevue Hospital Center this past Sunday. In the chat, Dye, a South Carolina native, retells the events of the February 13 night she fell onto a B train track and was pinned under a train car before rescue teams broke her free. Although she’s had eight surgeries, including two blood transfusions, Dye is using humor to tell her story of survival.

From Bedford + Bowery:

I remember standing there on the platform thinking to myself, “Oh. I need to sit down because I’m about to faint.” So I remember trying to get to the bench and the next thing I remember is waking up and having a vivid view of my leg wedged between the track and the train wheel, literally underneath the train. And I’m in the track, my upper part of body is under the platform, and I’m kind of face-down. It’s weird, how I was positioned. And I was like, “How did this happen?”

What I was seeing definitely wasn’t connecting with my brain that well, like I was looking at my leg and there wasn’t much of it there, it was pretty much just bone.

Dye, who is technically homeless and uninsured, said that the doctors considered amputation but they opted to try and save her leg. She also blasts the New York Post and other local outlets for using headlines that depicted Dye as texting when she fell off the platform. Dye says her hands were in her pocket when she had her fainting episode.

So far, just over $64, 000 has been raised to help Dye with her expenses and fellow comedienne Abbi Crutchfield hosted a benefit for her on Thursday to add to what she’s already yielded. Among the donors to Dye’s crowdfunding campaign was Scrubs actor and director Zach Braff. There is also suspicion from Dye that popular comic Louis C.K. donated a insubstantial amount.

Dye will return to South Carolina to recuperate and says she has a slew of new material related to her accident.

Hit the following pages to check out photos of Dye as she recovers, and also other random shots.  A warning: some photos may be disturbing.

Photo: Twitter, Facebook

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