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African singer Dencia–best known for having the best skin-whitening profile this side of Michael Jackson–is reviving her beef with Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o for her accepting to be the new face of Lancôme Paris cosmetics.

Nyong’o announced on Friday April 4 that she was “excited” to be the new ambassador of Lancôme Paris, the French brand that excels in luxurious products for women. The Twitter universe still remembers Dencia’s last disgraceful attack towards the 12 Years a Slave actress and one user, @IamNappyBaby just couldn’t wait to shove Nyong’o’s good fortune in Dencia’s face, similar to how she layers the melanin-eating goop on her face every night.

“B*tch lupita is the new face of Lancôme!! SHE WINS!! And you’re just TRASH,” she exclaimed. Undeterred, Dencia was quick to rebuttal with “But they sell bleaching cream tho” and posted a picture of Lancôme’s Blanc Expert.

The product was designed to remove dark spots on skin and if abused would undoubtedly give users the porcelain doll face. Yet Dencia’s brand Whitenicious is specifically branded to “say goodbye to pigmentation” forever and subtlety tries to erode any semblance with being a Black individual.

Dencia wasn’t done barking at her detractors either. She ranted on Instagram, “Lol people hate what they don’t have & will jump on it if they had the opportunity.I said before she couldn’t call them big brands owned by whites cuz she wanted a deal. I like how she played herself tho!!still gonna answer yes ma’am & I’m still a CEO & entrepreneur & Lancôme will never pay her what I make in a month, b4 u come say I am hating I ain’t lol I am milking it.”

If “answering” means Lupita will begin to bleach her skin at Lancôme’s demand, it may be possible that Whitenicious seeps into the brain tissue.

View the gallery to see Dencia’s latest rants and ads for her entrepreneurship. May the pictures allow you to judge the situation for yourself.

Photo: Twitter/Dencia, Whitenicious

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