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The Five Percent Nation, or more correctly, the Nation Of Gods and Earths, has surfaced in the news lately on the heels of Jay Z wearing the group’s flag on a pendant. Lord Jamar, a vocal member of the group, says that New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony may have ties to the Nation of Islam offshoot in a recent interview.

In a chat conducted by HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, Lord Jamar spoke to the speculation that Anthony may be a member of the Five Percenters after he was seen wearing a similar flag pendant as Jay Z in photos.

“From what I understand is in Carmelo’s case, he actually has some dealings with the Five Percent Nation,” said Jamar via a video chat. “His brother is within the Five Percent Nation and he [Anthony] may study lessons.”

Hill mentioned at the top of the clip that there were some within the Nation of Gods and Earths who took offense to Jay Z and Anthony wearing the flag although their affiliation remains questionable.

More from Lord Jamar via the HuffPost Live clip:

So Carmelo is a little different story. So as far as Jay Z or anybody else wearing it, it could be dangerous because you don’t know somebody’s intentions are. If they plan on wearing this [and] they go and do something crazy out here in society and now it seems like we of the Nation of Gods and Earths with whatever craziness they might be attached to.

Jamar said in another portion of the interview that he would ask Jay Z why he’s wearing the flag but added that the matter doesn’t have to be a public affair.

Check out the HuffPost Live clip below with Lord Jamar talking with Marc Lamont Hill about the Nation of Gods And Earths. Hit the jump to see the short clip of Jamar speaking on his possible meeting with Jay Z.

Photo: HuffPost Live

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