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A father well-versed in classic Hip-Hop has been schooling his children how to properly decipher the struggle of today by creating a scrapbook inspired by some of the culture’s greatest album covers.

Lance Underwood and his two sons Amar and Taj interact with a serious family bonding on a photoshopped project for albums such as Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Mobb Deep’s The Infamous, Gang Starr’s Daily Operation and so on.

Given their youth and the current viral climate, the younger Underwoods clearly have to be instructed on much of the lingo and lyrical sensibilities of the artwork they’re channeling. Yet, should they ever decide to pick up a microphone themselves, they’ll be lightyears ahead of their competition who “grew up on” Chief Keef and Lil whoever.

The family QT Albums Tumblr doesn’t just hinge on Hip-Hop, either. Lance shaked things up by envisioning a few of the Blue Note Records staples and legendary albums from The Doors and The Last Poets to boot. Great music is great music, regardless of the genre. Taj and Amar also got a head start on their future debuts.

Hit the gallery to see everlasting memories the Underwood clan has made.

Photo: Tumblr/QT Albums

H/T: Complex

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