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Having firmly cemented a top spot in Hip-Hop, it was only a matter of time before Drake set his sights on Hollywood. The rapper’s high profile television appearances increased insurmountably in advance of the big announcement that he’d be hosting ESPN’s 2014 ESPY awards, which is the basis of a hilarious skit he and Jimmy Kimmel cooked up.

Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he briefly discussed the honor of being selected as the 2014 host. Kimmel then revealed that he sent the disguised OVO frontman to speak with people on the streets of Hollywood about, well, himself.

“He said he came from the bottom, but… most likely, he didn’t,” one man said about Drake without knowing that he was actually speaking to the superstar. Needless to say that a few faux cosmetic changes to the hair and facial hair are enough to throw people off. Add some glasses to the mix, and you can go full-on Clark Kent.

See the clip of Drake on the “I Witness News” segment below.

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live!