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Needless to say, Lord Jamar will not be co-signing Fly Young Red anytime soon, if ever. The openly gay rapper of “Throw That Boy P*ssy” fame, or infamy, recently discussed his come up.

Fly Young Red holla’d at the Doo Dirty Show recently, revealing that he was actually a “straight” rapper until last September.

Reports the Huffington Post:

Openly gay rapper Fly Young Red made waves across the Internet last month with the release of his new video, “Throw The Boy P*ssy.”

The song has polarized popular opinion and sparked a larger conversation about openly gay rappers in hip-hop. In a recent interview with Da-Doo Dirty Show host DJ Baker, the rapper discussed his journey to being an openly gay rapper, his music and, of course, sex.

“I was rapping with a group and like I said they were straight and I mean, I don’t know, like I backed up for a minute,” the rapper told Baker in the above video. “I’m a poet by nature so I never lost, you know what I’m saying, anything that I was doing, and it’s in my heart to do it, you know what I’m saying? So I kept up with it or whatever but I just started openly gay rapping in September.”

If you are unfamiliar, you can watch the video for ‘Throw That Boy P*ssy” on the flip.

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