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50 Cent seems to hate Sean “Puff Daddy/P. Diddy” Combs just as much as Steve Stoute these days. The exact reasons are completely unknown but it’s 50 we’re talking about. He doesn’t need a reason to speak the hostile gospel. Of course we’re on the verge of receiving his new album but we digress.

During a candid Tax Day interview with Baltimore’s Q 92.3 Jams, the conversation steered towards the legacy of the REVOLT head honcho and off came the gloves for a G-Unit backhanded compliment.

“If the guy doesn’t have significant savvy with the actual business or with the actual culture he’ll be out of here,” 50 began, hinting at the calm before the storm. “You’ll see Jay around as long as he’s been around. What he’s on like 11 albums? Puff’s still out there. He don’t even need a record. Cause he don’t got one. Like you know Puffy ain’t got no music that you wanna hear. That ‘Big Homie’ sh*t is garbage. I’ma keep it all the way real with you. Because the guy says ‘Don’t worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks.’ And then sings to you.”

The infamous lyric 50 was referencing was 1999’s “Bad Boy 4 Life,” which shamelessly championed his use of ghostwriters while going 4x platinum. “Big Homie” is Puffy’s latest single from his still untitled new album. It employs the same braggadocio content per usual and its accompanying video features nearly every flashy rapper currently running the game.

50’s errant shot doesn’t come at too much of a surprise for those who have been frequenting Hip-Hop Wired. He posted a pic on his Instagram account of Puff and Steve Stoute in a compromising position.

Keep in mind, Animal Ambition hits stores on June 3. Let us count how many Diddy disses will follow in the subsequent weeks following the release.