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Last week, rapper Andre Johnson cut off his penis and testicles, then jumped out of a second-floor apartment window –all while he was high on PCP. The 40-year-old allegedly attempted suicide, and somehow survived the harrowing incident, but he won’t be getting his genitalia back.

Over the years PCP (aka angel dust ) has been at the center of crimes including cannibalism, decapitation, and more. Johnson’s unfortunate situation reopened the conversation about the powerfully hallucinogenic drug that saw a 400 percent spike in emergency room visits between 2005-2011. Additionally, as of last year PCP use has risen in the likes of Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Washington D.C.

The synthetic drug chemically known as phencyclidine, was developed in 1926 by Parke-Davis as a general anesthetic (which explains the decreased amount of pain that users tend to feel). It entered the pharmaceutical drug market in the 1950s, only to be removed 15 years later due to its strong hallucinogenic side effects, which include mental detachment, hearing voices, violence, and suicidal thoughts.

Johnson may be the most recent account of PCP-related mutilation, but he’s certainly not alone on the list of tragic incidents involving the drug. Check out seven more examples in the gallery below.

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