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So the alleged engineer extortion plot continues to get deeper. After Chauncey Mahan told his side to TMZ, the public seemed to still doubt the former Roc-A-Fella Records employee. Now text messages between Mahan and longtime Jay Z associate Lenny S. have surfaced lending more credibility to his defense.

In a message from one of his representatives, Mahan stands firm with his account that he went out of his way to guard the recordings even though he no longer worked with the Roc.

My clients job was to protect that music. When he left Roc-A-Fella in 2002, he continued to protect the music. When my client spoke with Mr. Santiago, he wasn’t looking to get paid. He was informing RocNation that the drives used to record the music were going to be auctioned off. He’s being persecuted for continuing to protect Jay-Z’s music.”

Furthermore text messages between Lenny “Lenny S.” Santiago and Mehan show that they were in talks to have Roc Nation pick up the tab for the storage unit costs. Chauncey also fired back at Just Blaze for his tweets painting the engineer as a “slacker” and the reason why some of the mastered music from the The Dynasty: Roc La Familia sounds poorly.  

“Mahan stopped working with Jay-Z. Not because Hip-hop or Just Blaze were sick of him but because he wanted something different. Since 2002 Mahan has put his focus on advancing his education. Just Blaze claims the MASTERED music sounds horrible because of Chauncey. Mr. Mahan is not in possession of the master copies, he has the rough copies, so perhaps the reason Jay-Z is up in arms all of a sudden is the music portrays a different Jay-Z,” reads the statement.

You can view the aforementioned text messages in the following pages. As of press time Chauncey has yet to be charged with any crime and LAPD is in possession of said recordings.

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