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This time last week, all was right in Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s life. Then, his racist secret conversations were exposed and he brought shame to this organization and NBA as a whole. Everybody had an opinion and it was undoubtedly juicy news fodder for every publication across the globe.

Why is that the intro? Because as you kept your eyes glued to non-NBA basketball news this week, there was a host of videos that escaped your attention. Thankfully, The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week keeps you covered when your priorities lie elsewhere.

Rappers can’t wait for the first inkling of spring to give a reason to “BBQ” as the honorable Stringer Bell once said, or promote the fact that “Cuffin’ Season” has expired and it’s time to pimp and parlay around town. Because, you know rappers have egos and all.

With the exception of chosen few, that’s the theme for the week but each clip manages to differentiate itself from the next.

Thumb the list and peep game.

Photo: YouTube

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