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The Chiraq wars on wax are spilling in studios all over the city’s south side. After Tyga and The Game put a verbal bruising on Lil Durk for his first shot, G. Count of the LEP Bogus Boys is inserting himself in the battle, even after being given a co-sign by the Cali rappers.

Powered by a high-octane flow, Game saluted the Chicago duo with the line “Rock my Pelle P like L.E.P./Them Bogus Boys?/They f**k with me.” Apparently Chuck Taylor was mistaken because Count spewed venom all over his olive branch with his new track/video, “F**k the Game Up.”

“I be putting it work, scuzz/You don’t know shit about Chiraq/D*ckriding me to get a pass/You don’t know the G-Count like that,” the Chicago MC countered with. Later on in the song, Count explained his stance with lines “I ain’t fitna spit 100 bars/But you ain’t fitna diss one of ours/Think I’m fitna let it slide/I’ll have you ducking all under cars.”

Alrighty, then.

The Windy City shots didn’t miss Game’s radar, however. Unphased, he took to his Twitter account to state, “N****s & these subpar diss records is hilarious. Make me mad enough, I’ll end ur career & you’ll b baggin groceries by June !!! #BLOODMONEY.”

Dirk has already expressed his intent to follow-up with another diss record and Game probably won’t let that one slide all the same. Let’s just hope they keep this conflict on wax.

Check out the Game diss below, shot and directed by Soundman.

Photo: YouTube