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Let’s touch up on a quick formality for a moment. Detox has never been a priority and it definitely won’t be a topic of discussion at the Andre Young household anytime soon.

Dr. Dre dropped a bombshell of all announcements on the Hip-Hop community in the past 36 hours by trumping his rap peers in the leading statistical category that dominates lyrical content.


Apple is a couple pen strokes away from closing a deal to acquire Beats By Dre for a whooping $3.2 billion. Which, according to The Good Doctor, makes him “rap’s first billionaire.”

Leave it to Forbes to throw in a technicality, however. The almighty authority of the almighty dollar says while Dre will easily slide to the #1 spot in terms of Hip-Hop bank giants, it won’t land him in the Forbes 400 elite.

The minor details weren’t enough to deter the Hip-Hop community from speaking on the situation, though. Hit the gallery to see some of the most passionate responses about Dre’s big move.

Photo: Judy Eddy/, Twitter

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