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Funkmaster Flex, the legendary DJ/ automotive connoisseur, is announcing plans to merge his love for music and cars in 2010 through a new reality show.

As previously reported Funk Flex affiliate,DJ Bobby Trends, spoke on the upcoming reality show titled “Funk Flex Full Throttle” saying that it’s due to premiere on MTV 2 in April.

Now new details have emerged with the plot line for the show revealed.

The show will feature Flex as he customizes vehicles from a 1965 Buick Riveria to a 2010 Ford Mustang . In each episode, he will detail the customization of the cars and the performance enhancements using Flowmaster Mufflers products.

Speaking on his upcoming show Flex released a statement saying,

“Flowmaster gearheads, customizers, rodders and young tuners are a group of unique individuals that are defining the creative future of the auto industry each time they step on the gas pedal. I hope my tour, radio and TV shows provides an excellent platform for Flowmaster to showcase their products and inspire these aficionados with new exhaust technology ideas and keep things poppin’ in 2010.”

The show will be the tip of the iceberg for Flex’s new partnership with Flowmaster Mufflers.

Flowmaster boasts that their products improve power, torque and mileage of both street and racing vehicles, making them a profound option for vehicles used in his annual car show.

Good for Flex.

He’s making big moves in 2010!