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As the educational system continues to look for new, more innovative ways to provide learning to students, the Texas State Board of Education had undergone the process of approving new standards for social studies.

Although Hip-Hop is quickly integrating into a culture more than an art form, it was, unfortunately, not part of the plan as it was left out of the curriculum this time around.

Experts have stated that Hip-Hop is actually significant in the development of minds and recommend teaching about the craft as students can study the impact of cultural movements in art and music.

With the standards set to influence history and government textbooks which will be utilized throughout public schools in 2011, the vote was 10 Republicans against five Democrats.

Eliminating the genre as an option for learning, the reasoning behind the decision was, reportedly, the offensive nature of rap lyrics.  The board, however, did vote to keep the Beat Generation, which is a genre that celebrates illegal drugs and alternative sex.

So, are artists like Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Mos Def and others just non-existent and everyone has just been imagining there conscious rappers?

Have there been no rappers that have been revolutionary in the Black community and utilized music so that freedom of speech is actually attainable?

Rep. Rick Agosto of San Antonio is apparently disappointed with such a choice to wipe out the choice for students as he has expressed his frustration.

There goes another point for the United States in the ongoing war against Hip-Hop.