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The NAACP is celebrating 100 years of service. The civil rights organization kicked off their centennial convention this weekend at the New York Hilton Hotel in New York City. With the slogan, “Bold Dreams- Big Victories”, the convention runs until Thursday. The president of the organization, Benjamin Todd Jealous, reaffirmed that that the organization is for the advancement of all colored people at a news conference Monday.

“We are a very Black organization, but we are not a Black organization. There is a difference. It’s the difference between being able to play the Black position on the field and being able to play any position. We are from our origin a multiracial, multiethnic human rights organization.”

Members will hear from speakers including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, Attorney General Eric Holder, Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. President Obama will make a visit on Thursday before Julian Bond, the chairman of the organization, is presented with the Springard Medal. Obama has been in constant praise of the NAACP, recently saying:

“You (the NAACP) have inspired us to strive for that mountaintop even when the climb seemed steep and for that I honor you, I congratulate you, and I wish you another century of accomplishment as extraordinary as your first.”

The NAACP, the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights group was founded on February 12, 1909. It will celebrate its centennial year through February 2012.