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“Foul Shyte you do, the truth you can’t hold back. My dude gave you credit, pay that man what you owe, Black.”

Already under a lyrical assault from The Game, Jay-Z has another target on his back as De-Haven, his former friend and alleged mentor, throws bars at the Brooklyn rapper.

De-Haven has recently released a track going at his former friend. In it he questions the rapper’s street credibility and even throws a few jabs at his wife Beyonce.

De-Haven Irby was a formal drug dealer that knew Hova from his residence at Marcy’s Housing Projects. He states the two grew up together and he heavily supported Jay and his musical aspirations way before Reasonable Doubt hit the scene. After a five-year jail sentence, however, De-Haven would return back to the family he once had, excluding Jay whose rap career had pulled him out from his hometown.

Around 2007, De-Haven released a verbal attack on the rapper through YouTube talking on how he had turned his back on those that once helped him in the climb to becoming famous. He also stated that Jay over-exaggerated the criminal past that he rapped about.

Along with his ranting there were rumors circulating that he was in the works with a tell-all-book and DVD with other former associates of Jigga exposing the King.

On Jay’s last album, American Gangster, the rapper fires lyrical shots at his former “friend” on the track “No Hook.” In the song he raps:

“F&%k De-Haven for cavin’ that’s why we don’t speak. Made men ain’t supposed to make statements. End of the story, I followed the code, cracked the safe. Other ni**as ain’t in the game so they practice hate. Leave that boy Hov alone, why don’t ya.”

Fans alike are surely waiting the next steps from De-Haven, but for the majority that aren’t, Blueprint III should be hitting stores on September 11.