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It must be the routine for rappers to go through a name change when they get to a particular point in their career.

Bow Wow dropped the “Lil” , Killer Mike became “Mike Bigga”, Game dropped “The” and Diddy has changed his name as often as people change their drawers throughout the week.

Maybe instead of dropping names, folks should be dropping albums and mixtapes before they get dropped by their respective labels.

The latest rapper to do a little spring cleaning and do away with the old is Young Jeezy as he is looking to change his rap alias.

Once known to the world as Young Jeezy, now Hip-Hop is best to refer to him as simply being Jeezy, as he is stripping away the “Young”.

It is boggling how rappers believe that stuff like this is really important, but since it makes the news, it must have some type of interest to someone, somewhere.

To whoever is concerned, the name was first changed on the credits to Rihanna’s single “Hard” and it became official after the release of his street single “Lose My Mind” from Thug Motivation 103 on the promotional cover art for the track.

Well, now that he’s shed some pounds and lost the burden of “Young”, hopefully the music will start flowing and the fans will be blessed to the DJ Drama assisted mixtape sequel, Trap Or Die 2.