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Every once in awhile, there comes a rapper that is far too untamed to be held under the constraints of what is acceptable in the United States and choose to go against the grain.

This, however, does not pertain to names such as Waka Flocka Flame, who has seen his fair share of trouble and bumps in the road since he was given a taste of success.

Recently arrested for parole violation, details have finally been released as to what exactly Flame was violating that placed the young rapper behind bars.

According to reports, Waka was detained and brought into custody because he left the state of Georgia without permission which violated the terms of his probation sentence from a prior felony charge.

Now that folks, is what is called “gangsta”.

Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sharmelle Brooks informed the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday that the rapper did not report to his probation officer before leaving the state.

Getting shot 9 times and surviving doesn’t have anything on this when it comes to establishing street credibility.