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Once news broke that Kanye West was on the verge of making his return to rap and dropping an album that went back to the principle of “real Hip-Hop”, countless names started to appear on who will be working on the album, Good A** Job.

One name mentioned was rapper/producer Q-Tip who has come forth to shut down all of the speculation and state that he is actually working with West on the upcoming project.

Along with West, a discussion with Brooklyn Bodega revealed what other artists the rapper will be helping in terms of production.

“I just try to work with people who I admire or whom I think has got it.  So, right now, I’m working on Nas Shyte, about to work with Kanye on his Shyte.”

Clearly the former member of A Tribe Called Quest is in GO mode as he is looking to tap as many artists as he can and has hopes that one particular artist will finally bite.

“Just trying to keep up my momentum. I’m about to work with Talib [Kweli] on his project. I been trying to work with Hova for a while so hopefully he’ll realize the heat I got and come with it [laughs].”

Outside of giving the assist, Tip is also in the process of developing his follow up to The Renaissance.

“My solo Isht is on deck for sometime this year. I can’t reveal what the name of it is just yet but I’m real excited about it. So for all the people that fucked with the Renaissance and knew what it was, or for those who are just finding out now –- we going to come crazy on this one. And the Nas Isht is going to be fucking bananas. Look for that at the end of the year.”

Is New York set to run over the rap game for 2010?  It sure is shaping up to be that way.