A Virginia radio station has some people up in arms after playing an April Fool’s prank on their listeners using 50 Cent.

Morning show staff of Virginia Beach’s Z104 FM pranked listeners and told them that 50 Cent would be in town shooting a music video at landfill-turned-park, Mt. Trashmore.

According to the morning show staff, they had previously discussed the prank with 50 and he gave them the okay on the idea.

They told WAVY TV 10, that they ran the idea past 50 six months ago and he was “more than willing to record a “joke” interview promoting his Mt. Trashmore video shoot. “

The morning show topped off the prank by telling excited fans to bring along their demo tapes for a chance for 50 to listen to them.

The fake video shoot caused a uproar of Twitter and Facebook messages as people rushed to the park for the video but when city officials heard what was happening, they posted a Twitter message saying,

“Hi folks! 50 Cent will NOT be @ Mt. Trashmore this evening. The supposed video shoot was an April Fools’ Day prank by a local radio station.”

Fans were reportedly outraged at the incident.

50 Cent is believed to be overseas in Russia.

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