A couple in South Korea is standing trial after officials say they neglected their 3-month-old daughter and allowed her to starve to death while they nurtured and cared for a virtual baby online.

According to prosecutors, the couple became so obsessed with caring for baby “Anima” in Prius Online that they neglected their child feeding her only once a day while they spent up to 10 hours playing the game at internet cafés.

The couple was on the run from police after the child died from malnutrition in September.

The couple, ages 41 and 25, pleaded guilty Friday to charges of negligent homicide but say that they became hopelessly addicted to online gaming while trying to “escape” the premature birth of their daughter.

The AFP also reports that the couple met online through the internet and the woman is pregnant with their second child.

South Korea is reportedly trying to help the estimated 2 million people that have internet addictions in the country especially after a 35-year-old man died last month after playing a video game for 5 days straight with little to no breaks.

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