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According to published reports, Lil Wayne’s videographer DJ Scoob Doo, who is best known for his popular Nino Brown street DVDs is ready to take to series to cable.

In an interview with, the New Jersey-bred documentarian said he was in talks with several cable networks, including  Spike TV and  Fuse, but ultimately he wants the series to land on a network like HBO to showcase his uncensored behind-the-scenes footage of Weezy.

“A media network like HBO could have the best impact because they won’t try to censor it,” he said. “They push the envelope of what they show.”

Although  censored, some of the Nino Brown footage has already appeared on MTV for the “Road to Rikers” series, which showcased Lil’ Wayne’s last days as a free man before turning himself in to serve his one year stint.

“You could just imagine what I could have just being with the team, and being with Wayne on his countdown to jail,” Scoob told in the interview. “Even when he didn’t know he was going to jail, ever since No Ceilings came out, and even before that, it’s a lot of Shyte that I’m trying to catch people up with behind the scenes in what’s goin’ on.”

With all of the publicity and videos that Weezy has prepared prior to going in, it definitely feels like he never left.  Now if we can just get Drake to drop….

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