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Taking such claims with a grain of salt has become routine when it relates to producer Dr. Dre and any news that pertains to his long-awaited third album Detox.

There will probably be five more installments of Beats By Dr. Dre headphones before an actual album.

Already stating that the release will drop this year, there is now word that his single with Jay-Z, titled “Under Pressure” might be delivered to the masses by Friday.

How fitting a title like “Under Pressure” when it comes to the producer.

Further details relating to the upcoming single shows that the first record will, in fact, be an upbeat, club-like record and the hook was taken care and written by Ester Dean.

There is also rumor that production might be handled with Scott Storch as well, but there has been no word from either camp in regards to the speculation.  Storch, however, has stated that he had reunited with Dre, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Well kids, Friday is the “day” so let’s see if the doctor can actually come through this time around.

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