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“I don’t believe in voodoo.”

What happens when an artist is scrutinized for not embracing his/her original sound, but then breed the same results, in regards to sales, when he/she tries to revive what made him/her famous?

Such a question rings for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson after the sales of Before I Self Destruct, but the rapper is quick to bounce back with yet another plan via another new project.

With the upcoming album, Black Magic, next in line for 50 Cent, his next move is crucial if his career in rap can survive the times

Looking to get to work quick, Fif has already mentioned a release date and stated that he wants the album out by the end of the summer.

Speaking with MTV, the rapper/actor gave more on the effects of Black Magic.

“…it’ll be very addictive. The first time you’ll hear it, you’ll remember the songs that’s on there. It’s designed for fun — for listening pleasure.”

He also added that there is but one thing that could hold up the release.

“If I don’t feel it’s ready by the end of the summer, I’ll just jeep it.”

Well, with that said, there’s really no need to rush it out as there are already enough blockbuster releases ready to heat up the summer.  Just wait for the opening, and take it.