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An idea always looks good when it’s read off paper, but once the wheels are placed into motion and it is actually executed, the end result seems to breed excuses.

After the drop of Wu-Massacre from the collective of Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, there was a feeling of wanting much more from the project released from the trio and many wondering exactly what happened.

Raekwon caught up with Jenny Boom Boom and gave his input on how Wu-Massacre came together and how he originally envisioned the project.

“The Wu-Massacre was something that Ghostface and Def Jam put together and asked from my assistance.  I just came through for them…This is something that Def Jam came up with, with Ghostface, and they wanted me and Method Man to be a part of it so Ghost called and got the whole movement on that Wu-Massacre album…In my eyes, I wanted to do it independently but this is what Ghost wanted to do — [‘Our Dreams’] was a commercial record that we knew would definitely keep us on the radio at least in the daytime and all of that. But it wasn’t really nothing that we felt was top of the line — we already knew that was gonna be a commercial spin-off for us…”

Many are under the belief that the independent route would have left a better impression for the group album as Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2 did when Rae was able to chef things up on his own terms.

Whatever the case may be, what could have, should have and would have didn’t happen, but it only serves as a lesson for the next time…if it presents itself again.