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Sonaro, today’s in-house producer for Fabolous, made a life-altering resolution to remain ambitious after his brother and New York rapper Stack Bundles died in 2007.

Born Christopher Cook, Sonaro had to lug himself out of a “dark corner” before he could bring light into the studio as a promising beatmaker. The results? His tenacity would later earn him the accolade of having produced anthems like Loso’s “Body Ya,” “Leaving You,” and today’s radio smash, “Cuffin’ Season.”

A former resident writer for Needlz, Sonaro turned tragedy into triumph and is now looking to cultivate his own brand, after successfully turning his kinship with Fab into a lucrative relationship.

Amongst his many ventures – both in and out of the studio – the burgeoning producer is aiming at a future release of the studio LP Stack never had. But before any posthumous project can come into fruition, Sonaro will first master his skills behind the mixing board.

‘Til then, get familiar.

Hip-Hop Wired: Who is Stack Bundles to you?

Sonaro: My Brother.

HHW: Your blood brother?

Sonaro: Not my blood brother… my brother.

HHW: What are your fondest memories of him, if you don’t mind me asking?

Sonaro: Just being in the house and going through beat CDs with him. Him acknowledging the skill I had for what I love to do now, and him always pushing me to actually do it.

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