Unbeknownst to those who weren’t on Twitter yesterday afternoon (May 14), Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future (sans Frank Ocean) caused a ruckus, spewed the n-word, and pillaged snacks at BuzzFeed’s New York City office, according staff. The motley crew were actually in town to promote their Adult Swim series Loiter Squad, and they actually spoke on the series and why they allegedly went ape sh*t at BuzzFeed.

Tyler’s explanation came in context to a discussion about a 2011 tweet that expressed his joy for scaring “OLD WHITE F*CKING PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN MIDDLE F*CKING AMERICA.” The producer-rapper mentioned the ironic fact that their children are Odd Future’s biggest fans, before Huffington Post host Ricky Camilleri asked when’s the last time he was clearly disliked by white middle Americans.

“I was just at BuzzFeed’s office and half the people there didn’t like me, and we’re in New York,” Tyler said.

“Truthfully, we went to BuzzFeed [saying], ‘Hey everyone… blah, blah, blah. Hey guys! What’s up dude!’ Just having a good time,” Tyler, who said he had a great time with the interviewers, continued. When Camilleri asked why, the Los Angeles native replied, “Probably because I’m colorful and I don’t sit at an office all day, and have to write for a boss.

“If we’re coming through a spot, I feel like we all have enough integrity to know when we’re being f*cking too loud,” added Earl Sweatshirt, who said they hoped to bring good vibes to an otherwise boring office space.

Peep their full explanation below and give us your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: HuffPost Live

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