August Alsina found a way to kill himself and then live on to give his own eulogy.

The Def Jam R&B star/current XXL Freshman is still diligently promoting his debut album, Testimony to reach more eardrums worldwide and decided to go the controversial route via his Instagram account. Double A posted a picture of himself hanging from a noose with the caption, “Rest in Peace Aug. Forever missed #holdyoudownforlife.”

Although no official word has been put out, it’s being speculated that the morbid clip was swiped from the video shoot for his next single, “FML” with Pusha T.

Instead of aligning themselves with his artistic vision, his fanbase almost unaimiously called him on his struggle and felt that it was a bad look. After all, the headline of “August Alsina Hangs Himself” in any context is a tough pill to swallow. Some people even felt he disrespected African-American ancestors who were captured into slavery.

Pictures of Alsina dangling from his neck and the subseqent reactions can be found in the gallery below. We’ll let you decide if his staged suicide was worth the backlash.

Photos: Instagram/August Alsina, Twitter

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