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The overt lack of balance in Hip-Hop seems to be a dwindling issue if the gauge is the amount of fans outraged over the music’s one-sidedness. Building on that thought, how can a culture that currently echoes braggadocio over a humbleness ever become an even playing field that’s based on one’s ability to relate to an artist? Fortunately, there’s a few MCs who fit that bill and have the skill set to boot. And one just happens to be Deniro Farrar.

Farrar is a man built on principle, which says a lot during this day and age. His prior dealings in the streets undoubtedly has played a part in his demeanor and candor. It even shows in his appearance — namely an interesting hairstyle choice, which he described as “a signification of growth” during a recent interview with Sway. “It is the lifestyle. It’s hair, mind, and body. Everything’s going to grow at the same time,” Farrar said.

While his music can be sonically erratic at times, there always seems to be a form to his function, while discussing things like his mom’s past issues of substance abuse (she’s 20 years clean), experiencing fatherhood, and how his brother’s incarceration has affected him and his family. Farrar actually coined his brand of song “Cult Rap” because it comes from an earnest place that fans have gravitated towards – like a cult.

The latest development in this new genre is Farrar’s most recently debuted EP, The Rebirth. But before you stream that, get familiar with an artist likely to make a big splash in Hip-Hop.

Who: Deniro Farrar is a Charlotte, NC native who’s much different in sound and belief than the majority of rappers in regular rotation. Credit that to the “Cult Rap” that he spits whenever he’s given a chance to enlighten through his well-rhymed anecdotes.

Credentials: Though fairly new compared to fellow rappers, Farrar has released five mixtapes and two EPs, beginning with his debut Feel This in 2010. Since then, the southern spitter saw his star rise before reaching an early peak in his career with a pair of 2013 releases —  The Patriarch and The Patriarch II. Farrar is signed to Warner Bros./Vice Record, which were the first to show interest as early as his inaugural project.

Fun Fact: Farrar recently began reading a new book a week. His latest conquest was author Paulo Coelho’s classic novel The Alchemist, which he says inspired him to chase his “Personal Legend.”

Photo: Jessica Lehrman, Instagram

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