50 Cent has teamed up with VH-1 to give fans a glimpse of his family history.

The “Rock Doc,” which is being produced in conjunction with 50 Cent and Roadside Entertainment, is part of the substantial new programming VH1 is unveiling for 2010 which was inspired by the networks viewers.

“They told us that they want to connect even more with our characters, our artists and our celebrities – but in a more genuine way,” said Tom Calderone, President of VH1.

The VH1 “Rock Dock” titled 50’s Roots, will feature 50 Cent as he heads to the deep South in search of his family’s slave lineage.  50’s Roots will also showcase the Queens-bred emcee meeting with family members, while attempting to trace his ancestral heritage.

The new programming reflects a study VH1 conducted, to gain insight into what viewers of the network actually wanted to see.

“They still enjoy VH1’s signature sense of fun and irreverence,” Calderone continued. “They also want more storylines that reflect the issues and challenges they are experiencing in their own lives.”

As of press time an airdate for 50’s Roots was not available.

Curtis please don’t fu*k this up and send us back as a race some 500 years.

We got faith in you though.

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