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Chance The Rapper represents another dimension of possibilities for Chicago youth, though he’s familiar with and has shared his concern for the side of life that’s constantly chronicled in the news. In fact, the XXL Freshman went on to detail the #SAVECHICAGO movement that he assisted with over Memorial Day weekend.

Chance was actually commissioned by his father, Ken Bennett, who personally “talked to Churches, Schools, Outreach Prog’s and Business’s, trying to get them to commit to saving every life possible,” prior to the holiday. In getting community representatives involved, it was their hope that there would be no murders on Memorial Day or the days preceding it.

“The plan was to get these mass numbers of people out on street corners Friday night with posters and banners with the plea “#SAVECHICAGO,” wrote Chance in a brief barrage of tweets. The MC’s involvement was less hands on, as he ambiguously tweeted #MAY23 repeatedly to signify the beginning of the campaign.

There wasn’t a single shooting from Thursday night (May 22) until Saturday (May 24), as banners volunteers occupied the corners commanding all to #SAVECHICAGO.

Sounds great, right? Well like all stories, there’s a silver lining. “not one reported shooting from the day before we stepped on those corners til the day after,” Chance said.

He continued, “and when monday came this is what happened,” before linking to a story about one murder victim and seven others who were wounded by gunfire. “Read that from top to bottom and then come help us #SaveChicago,” Chance’s final statement commanded.

Peep Chance The Rapper’s full explanation for the #SAVECHICAGO campaign, his involvement and more after the jump.

[Spotted at Mass Appeal]

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