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Houston bred emcee Devin the Dude is easily named as one of the most under-rated emcees. With a career in the game spanning more than 15 years, the laid back spitter has seen it all.

But now in his 15th year, a lot has changed.  After leaving his long time label home Rap-A-Lot, Devin has high hopes for the future. With his first album on E1 Music Group dropping for the first time on his favorite “holiday”, 4/20, the MC sat down in an exclusive interview with Hip-Hop Wired to discuss why 4/20 is so important to him and what fans can expect when they tap into Suite #420.

Devin The Dude – “What I Be On”

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Hip-Hop Wired: Let’s talk about your album 4/20, because it was pushed up from May 25th to 4/20-ironically. What can fans expect from the new venture?

Devin The Dude: Yes, It was pushed up. Man, that makes 4/20 even more special because I have always wanted an album to drop on that day but never had things together in time or it was something going on to where it couldn’t happen. Overall the album is going to be in chill mode.

This album is something that you can definitely pour up some coffee and chill or twist something to, whatever you feel but it will have no up tempo songs just all about the relaxation.

Hip-Hop Wired: In honor of 4/20, you’re album drops on 4/20 and the title is Suite #420, what are your plans for the “holiday”?

Devin: [Laughs] Well, I plan on really working. Today will be huge for me so I will be doing some in stores and tomorrow night actually kicks off our tour in Houston. We will be on tour until May 28, so the next 6 weeks are going to be rough. So I will be celebrating, just not in my normal way.

Hip-Hop Wired: Speaking on herbal relaxation, how do you feel about the legalization of marijuana in certain states?

Devin: I think it’s great! [laughs]  Now if only the rest of the states would fall in line, we may see a reduction in the deficit. [laughs]  Can you imagine going to the store to buy weed, it would be phenomenal! The government would have less to worry about because more people would be with their family and out of jail.  Also it would be legal, so they could tax it meaning more money on the economy. Problem solved. [Laughs]

Hip-Hop Wired: Let’s get back on your album, this album is the first one that is not on Rap-A-Lot, what happened to cause your departure?

Devin: Nothing drastic, my contract with the Rap-A-Lot was over and instead of resigning another long contract with them I decided to move on and find something else.

Hip-Hop Wired: How are things between you and J. Prince because although you say it was nothing drastic that caused the move, you were with them for 10 years?

Devin: Oh yeah, J. and I are cool. The thing about us is we are friends. The partnership we had transcends music  so at the end of the day he understood it’s just business.

Hip-Hop Wired: By most, you are labeled as one of the most underrated emcees in the game.  What is your take on the title and do you think that it fits who you are as an artist?

Devin: Honestly, my fans out there know me and that is what is important. I’m not one of these dudes who has to have a lot of attention.   I drop albums when I know fans are checking for it and want it. I am also not “too good” to receive criticism, I think that your fans critique is your best critique overall because it’s real.

So if anyone ever says to me that they don’t like a particular song, I am all ears because I want to be the best and the only way you can be the best to the people you are trying to reach is to listen to them.